XtraTerrestrial Internet Radio is a Robloxian internet-radio station service that was founded on August 31, 2015 by Hexahedron Media Networks and Dipper Fresh Communications.


The service is completely free to use, the service will have five radio stations without using an account. However, a package named "XtraTerrestrial Plus" is also free to use, but the difference is that the package includes 12+ radio stations that are either HMN-owned or non HMN-owned.

In order to recieve the "Plus" package, he/she will go to the XtraTerrestrial website, once they landed on the website, the next step is to create an account which is located on the homepage under the heading "Sign in/Sign Up" on the tiles, once they clicked the "Sign in/Sign Up", enter their username/ or email (if necessary) and enter their password, once completed creating the account, the final step is to verify the account to let XTIR authorize to use the "Plus" package.

List Of Radio Stations

XtraTerrestrial Standard

  • NeighborHOOD (Channel 04)
  • Rock 'n' Roll Universe (Channel 05)

XtraTerrestrial Plus

  • BubblePop
  • TurnTable
  • Country Love
  • Carribean Life
  • Hexaedro En Espanol
  • Mundial de Reggaeton
  • Urban FM (Channel 013) (FM 98.8)
  • TBA
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